Instructions Following Adenoidectomy without Tonsillectomy

Recovery from Adenoidectomy is generally smooth.

Important things to do to speed your healing:

  •   Drink plenty of fluids.
  •   Avoid vigorous nose blowing 

What to expect:

  •   A mild sore throat
  •   Pain or numbness in the tongue (this is related to the instrument we used to open your mouth squeezing the tongue during surgery)
  •   Some slight bloody drainage from the nose

Diet and activities:

  •   You may eat anything , and should have little trouble eating
  •   Avoid intense exercise or heavy lifting for 4 DAYS
  •   Walking, being outside, or driving are OK

When to call us:

  •   For any bleeding that does not respond quickly to spraying of the nose with Afrin or similar decongestant Nasal spray  (available OTC)
  •   For any problem you think we need to know about 


  • Prescription medication is usually not required following adenoidectomy. Tylenol should suffice, but call us if you need anything more.


  • Make an appointment to be seen in the office in1-2 weeks

 Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. (508)-540-0900.