Instructions Following Eyelid Surgery

  1. For the first few hours, you should apply gentle pressure and iced gauze packs to limit swelling. Normally during this period some oozing of blood may occur. Clean any external wound gently with a Q-tip soaked in peroxide, then apply ointment to the wound such as Bacitracin® or Neomycin®.  If there is any severe bleeding or swelling of the wound, or any problem seeing, call the office.
  2. After the first day, there should be no further bleeding. It may be difficult to get your eyes "unglued" after your first night's sleep. Use a Q-tip moistened with peroxide to help to gently remove any crud from your lashes.  You will no doubt notice swelling and discoloration around the eyes, which is normal. You should always keep the wound clean and keep it moistened with antibiotic ointment.  Discomfort should gradually decrease daily. If there is an increase in pain, or if the wound becomes swollen and red, call the office. 
  3. After the first two days you no longer need put cold pads on the wound.  Do no heavy lifting, however, for the first week.
  4. If sutures have been placed, they should be removed in 5 or 6 days. Make sure you keep this appointment in order to avoid permanent track marks from the sutures.

You have been given prescriptions for:

  • VicodinES – take 1 every 4 hours for pain 
  • Medrol dose pak- Take as directed

It will not be unusual to see some asymmetry between the two eyes during the healing phase.  Be assured that most of these irregularities will disappear with time. If there is a persistent irregularity which persists beyond 8 weeks, we can do a minor touch-up (at no charge).

If you have questions or problems you think might be related to your procedure or your medications, please feel free to call us at 508-540-0900 at any time.