Instructions Following Nasal Surgery

The first night after your surgery is the toughest, with a blocked nose that drips constantly. You probably won’t sleep much this first night, and you might want to have a queue of movies to keep you company. You may have some pain and or numbness of the upper front teeth. This will resolve over the next few weeks. Your pain will get much better after the packing is out. Keep in mind that the full beneficial effects of your surgery may not be realized for several weeks afterwards.


What else to expect:

1.   If there is no packing, or packing only in the sinus:

  •   You will have some blood and mucus draining from your nose and down your throat.
  •   Your nose will get very stuffy after all the medications wear off. You can use Afrin Nasal spray ONCE DAILY ONLY to help you get to sleep.
  •   It will take several days to two weeks before you will be noticing the improvement from your surgery.
  •   The sinus pack will be removed _________

 2.   If there is packing:

  •   You will be breathing through your mouth until it is removed.
  •   It will be easier to sleep sitting up. You probably won’t sleep much
  •   The pack will be removed in the office tomorrow at _______am.
  •   You will have bloody drainage from the nose and in your throat. This is normal. You may need to change your nasal dressing hourly during the afternoon and evening.

What you can do to promote healing:

  •   Once the packing is out, use saline nasal spray ( available over the counter at your pharmacy as OCEAN, NASAL, etc.) to help keep the nose clear of mucus and crusts. You may sniff to help clear the nose. Do not Blow your nose for 1 week; it can disrupt the repair and/or cause bleeding
  •   Use ointment inside the nostrils twice a day (you may use the Mupirocin ointment you received from the hospital for this, or Bacitracin you can pick up at a pharmacy).
  •   If you have a plastic splint on your nose you should keep a light ice pack over your nose and eyes for the first twenty four hours. A baggie of frozen peas can work well for this

Activities and diet:

  •   Diet can be advanced to a regular diet as soon as your stomach will tolerate it
  •   Avoid blowing your nose
  •   Avoid heavy lifting or any sports where your nose might get hit.
  •   Sexual activity should be avoided for 3-4 days.
  •   Walking and driving are OK

When to call us:

  •   If your nose is bleeding heavily.
  •   If you get totally blocked after the packing is out, especially if the pain seems to be getting worse, there is fever, or the nose is looking more swollen.

Your prescriptions:

  •   Vicodin 5/500 #15  or Ultracet  One every 4 hours for pain
  •   If you are having sinus surgery:
  •      Ceftin 250mg #20: take one twice daily for 10 days
  •      Prednisone 10mg #25 Take two daily in the AM for 1 week then take one daily for a week, then take a half pill daily  for one week. (this should begin 4 days before your surgery)
  •  You may receive a tube of ointment from us to go home with. Use this ointment, or Bacitracin you can get OTC on any incisions in or on the nose three times a day


  •   Please call (508) 540-0900 to make an appointment for follow-up on _______________
  •   Call me if you have any problems or any questions related to your surgery