Instructions Following Neck Surgery (parotidectomy, salivary gland excision, neck mass biopsy)

Recovery from neck surgery is usually rapid. The main concern is sudden bleeding from a previously controlled blood vessel.

Important things to do to at home:

  • Keep pressure and cold against the dressing on the first day and night following surgery. Leave the dressing intact. 
  • Take your pain medication; it will help keep blood pressure down

What to expect:

  • Some bloody drainage into the dressing, especially if there is a drain in place (If this is checked____ there is a drain)
  • If you have a drain, we will remove it tomorrow morning at ____am in the office
  • (We You) will remove the dressing tomorrow, and let you know if more will be needed
  • Swelling in the area of surgery. This may take a few weeks to resolve completely
  • Numbness near the incision
  • Slight weakness on the side of the face of surgery. This should resolve with time, but may take a few weeks.
  • Skin sutures, if any, will be removed the Wednesday following surgery. We will review the report from the pathologist at that time.

Diet and activities:

  • Avoid intense exercise, sex or heavy lifting for 3-5 DAYS
  • Walking, being outside or driving are OK

When to call us:

  • Any sudden increase in pain, swelling or bleeding
  • If you need anything for pain or nausea
  • If you develop a fever or redness around the incision.