Treatment for Aging Eyelids


Vitaminizing Skin Care

Our  line of Environ skin care products contain Vitamin A in the form of Retinol. Vitamin A has been scientifically shown to slow and reverse the process and signs of aging in the skin. (pictures from Environ book) And retinol is much less prone to irritation than Retin-A (which has retinoic acid). 

Injections for Crow's Feet 

Botox and Dysport are FDA approved muscle weakening agents which can improve the appearance of wrinkles caused by muscular contraction, such as those at the corner of the eyes. The injections are almost painless, and are effective for 3-4 months (most of our patients are happy with 6 months between injections) (picture of crow's foot pre and post.)

Eye Lid Lift - Surgical

Heaviness of the upper or lower eyelid can make one look more tired and older  than one really is. In a brief office procedure, we can remove excess skin from the lids and freshen one's appearance. (Link to Bleph video) ( pre and post). On occasion, if the work required is extensive, we may recommend it be done under anesthesia. 

Eye Lid Lift - Non-Surgical

Appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes an apparent “bag”under the eye s just the result of a descent of the cheek fat, which can occur with aging. Filling in the gap which results from this descent can go a  long way to hiding these bags. The procedure involves virtually painless  injection of subcutaneous fillers like Restylane and Juvederm into the groove between the eyelid and the cheek, restoring the lost fullness. (pre and post photo)

Eyebrow Lift  - Surgical

When the eyebrow droops with aging, it can make one look sad or sleepy. If it is bad enough, it can even block the vision. We can lift the brow in a predictable way Making an incision in the forehead which is hidden in the creases of th forehead. We can lift and shape the brow in a predictable way from this approach.  (pre and post)

Eyebrow Lift  - Non-Surgical

Muscle weakening injections such as Botox injected into the muscles that lower the eyebrow can actually raise the eyebrow. The effect is not totally predictable, but is very pleasing wen it occurs. Like all injection procedures, it will wear off and  require re treatment is 4-6 months. (Pre and post) If you like the effect, you can always convert to the surgical procedure.