medical treatment 

Medical treatment of sinusitis may involve simple things like rinsing of the nose with salt water, treatment of underlying conditions such as allergies, antibiotics, at times targeted to specific organisms found by sampling drainage directly from the sinus openings, and steroids, which can help provide drainage of blocked sinuses. 

surgical treatment:

Surgery of the sinuses is done in order to allow for proper drainage from blocked sinuses. Typically, this is done in the day surgery unit under anesthesia

balloon sinuplasty is a new way of reliving blocked sinuses, and is a gentle procedure involving no cutting. Video on Balloon Sinuplasy

Facial Rejuvenation

skin vitaminizing; Vitamin A has been shown  scientifically to slow and even reverse some of the signs of aging of the skin, such as blotchy skin color, and fine wrinkling. But Vitamin A can be irritating to the skin when given in precribed doses in products such as Retin-A, and is ineffective in the low dosages available in most over the counter preparations. We recommend and sell the Environ line of skin care products, which contain retinol, a well tolerated form of Vitamin A, in gradually increasing amounts, to maximize your skin's tolerance of these compounds. (photo of pre and post vitaminizing)

light based therapies: Intense Pulsed light in the right frequencies and also reduce the annoying color changes seen with the aging process. We use the Syneron technology that adds radiofrequency energy to the treatment to increase efficacy and safety

injection with fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse. These fillers can be used to restore the youthful fullness in the cheek, to camouflage the the junction between the eyelid and the cheek, to soften the smilelines , and  camouflage the jowl, (Pre and post pictures) (Animations of filler)