Frown Lines

Those vertical lines between your eyebrows can make you look sad or angry when you do not feel that way. These lines can be reduced or even eliminated with a simple easy to tolerate injection of Botox , which relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkle. (Pre and post).

The injection can be done in minutes, and you can return to normal activities within an hour, when slight swelling from the injection disappears. The effects begin to be noticeable in 3-7 days, and last for months. ( Insert a little you tube video here)Most of our patients come back every 6 months to renew the effect. In some people with very deep creases, it is advisable to use a filler in the skin to help smooth the line. The results of the filler are seen right away. This seems to prolong the desirable effects of the botox as well!

These injections are very safe, and complication rates are low. For full safety information on botox, you may visit For full information on fillers, you may visit