Medical Treatment

Medical treatment of sinusitis may involve simple things like rinsing of the nose with salt water. Frequently, treatment of underlying allergies, by first identifying those allergies to enable the avoidance of those allergens, or desensitization with allergy shots can be helpful, especially in chronic cases. Drug treatment of underlying allergies by treating with drugs such as antihistamines or nasal steroids is frequently useful. In particularly resistant cases, evaluation for problems with the immune system can enable successful resolution . Infections can be treated with antibiotics, at times targeted to specific organisms found by sampling drainage directly from the sinus openings, which we can do during an office visit. Steroid therapy can reduce the swelling in the sinus opening, which can help provide drainage of blocked sinuses.

We will work hard to get your sinuses back to normal state of health. If the above fails, we can discuss your surgical options.