Lip enhancement with fillers can offer a rejuvenation or for young people, and enhancement of the appearance of the lips. These injections, which can be done in the ofice,  can be done very precisely to deliver beautiful and natural results. (pre and post. Animation

Recurrent Sore Throats


Tonsillitis may be bacterial or viral. About 10-20% of tonsil infections are due to strep and must be treated with an antibiotic to prevent complications such as rheumatic fever. Recurrent tonsillitis can occur when bacteria are trapped within the tonsil in small cavities or micro abscesses that are out of the reach of antibiotics. At That time, one may experience infections that folow quickly on upon the next. In these cases, tonsillectomy can help. (Tonsillectomy animations) 

Peritonsillar Abscess

Occasionally a tonsil infection will spread beyond the tonsil into the muscles that surrond the throat, resulting in severe one sided sore throat, and difficulty opeining the mouth. This is a medical emergency, and should be treated with great urgency. If an abscess is diagnosed, it should be drained, either by a simple drainage that can be done in the office, or treated with tonsillectomy. The latter will prevent recurrnce, which is as high as 50% in this condition. 

Aphthous Ulcers



Big Tonsils

In some cases tonsils may become so large as to block the breathing during sleep, causing a consition known as sleep apnea (Sleep Apnea overview). In such cases, especially in children,  tonsillectomy and possibly adenoidectomy, can be curative. (Tonsillectomy animations Adenoidectomy animations)

Burning Mouth

This is an unusual condition which may be caused by dryness in the mouth, or infections such as thrush. Sometimes it can be caused by an allergy to toothpaste (Link to burning mouth syndrome website mayo)

Swellings or Lumps

Abnormal masses in the mouth should be investigated. In the worse case, they can represent a tumor. Today, malignant tumors are happening even to people who have no smoking history, so careful vigilance is key. Avoiding tobacco in all forms remains important in order to decrease one's risk. 

Dryness in the Mouth

This common problem is most frequently caused by medications. Sometimes, however, it may be due to a blockage of the nose forcing mouth breathing. Insufficient water intake, excessive milk drinking, excessive alcohol intake and diseases of the glands that make saliva can also cause these problems. 

Tongue Tie

Babies with tongue tie can have trouble feeding, especially breast feeding. When the child is older, it tougue tie may interfere with speech. When done in infancy, we can relase the tongue for normal movement in a rapid effective office procedure.