Nasal Blockage

Breathing through the nose improves the efficiency of oxygen mixing into the bloodstream, In addition, it improves the “work of breathing,” and it just plain feels better. No matter what the cause, we can improve the air passage. 


Treatment for nasal allergies will frequently help. This may include oral antihistamines like Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec; nasal steroids such as Fluticasone, Nasal antihitamines such as Astelin or Patanase. If specific allergies  can be indentified, and this could be done with a simple blood test,  Allergy injections can be helpful (we would refer you to a colleague for this). 

Minor Office Procedures

Sometimes swelling of the turbinates (see Picture) can be the sole cause of a nasal obstruction. IN the office we can use Radiofrequency to shrink this tissue in a brief and nearly painless procedure. 

Septum Surgery

Deviation of the nasal septum is quite common, and may be responsible for narrowing of one or both sides of the nose. In a brief procedure done in the day surgery unit, working through the nose so there are no external incisions, we can remove the crooked cartilage that causes this problem. (Video on Septoplasty)

Turbinate Reduction Surgery

This procedure is often combined with septum surgery. The turbinates help to warm, humidify, and filter the air we breathe .  Making the turbinates smaller is done in such a way that these functions remain. (Video on Turbinate Surgery)

Nasal Reshaping

This is done by a procedure called  Rhinoplasty. Dr Mann has been specializing in this  for many years and has hundreds of satisfied patients to show for it. We believe that a nose should look natural, and pleasing, and should function well, too. (Sample of pre and post) A good outcome begins with good planning, which is why we employ computer imaging to help us agree first on where we are going with your nose. This is done in the day surgery unit, with the patient asleep. You will wake up with a firm dressing over your new nose, and we will remove it 6 dyas later, revealing a nose that already looks better. You'll see the final appearance in a few weeks after that. (Animation on rhinoplasty)

Nose Bleeds

Hundreds of people will consult us every year about nose bleeds, and most will be treated painlessly in a single brief office visit. The procedure is so gentle that even young children (with an open mind) can benefit. (Video on Nosebleed)

Nasal Drainage

Nasal drainage can be clear or colored, thick or thin, come out the front or go down the back. Some nasal drainage is normal, being part of the manner in which the nose, which filters impurities out of the air we breathe, cleans itself. When there is abnormal nasal drainage, we first look for a cause, such as allergy or sinusitis. Sometimes the aging process or medications make the drip so thick it won't clear easily. Sometimes it's just the way we're wired. We will look for the cause and prescribe medicine that can help. A unique treatment which freezes the nerve center that controls the amout of mucus the nose makes can be done in difficult cases.