Lumps in the Neck

Most of the time, a lump in the neck is due to an infection that will come and go in a brief time, sometimes requiring antibiotics. Lumps that are painful, may represent severe infection that need further treatment. Lumps that are persistent for over 4 weeks, especially if they are over ½ in in diameter, should be investigated. We will do a complete exam of the area, then sample some of the tissue with a needle, using a local anesthetic, in the office. If necessary, we can offer surgery to remove the mass, or make appropriate referrals to other specialists. 

Voice Problems

We can investigate and treat problems with the voice, and are happy to see speakers and singers, amateur or professional. We use high tech video stroboscopy when necessary to visualize the movements of the vocal cords in slow motion. (embed a video)

Swallowing Problems

Whether it's a sudden onset like a bone stuck in the throat, or a gradual problem, such as we see frequently in our aging population, we can evaluate and treat the issue. Anyone who is unable to swallow is unable to live for very long without treatment. These problems should receive rapid attention. We work closely with our colleagues in speech pathology to provide whatever care is needed. 


Chronic cough, one that lasts for over 6 weeks, is something that we see very often. We can coordinate the investigation that may involve several specialists but that will in the end lead to a resolution of the problem.